We often talk to start-ups who are trying to decide whether to pay for having a professional website made or whether to start building it themselves.

Many entrepreneurs run on a tight budget, and they think that if they can make their own website, it’s an obvious place to save money.

And it is a good thought, but there are just a few things to consider. Get 5 tips for a good landing page further down.

From dentist to web designer in one night?

First of all, you need to consider whether you have the time, and the skill, to learn all you need to know to get a professional result.

A design must be set up, yes. And the design must be structured in a way that it converts visitors to customers. That’s the entire point of the website, right? So, this must be taken into account, when building the design. And in addition, there are also a number of technical stuff one needs to understand.

Nowadays you can learn a lot from reading on the internet, but it takes many years to learn the skills that the different profiles of a web agency have. It’s not something we can learn after only a couple of hours of research online. But then again, you wouldn’t be able to become a dentist by spending an evening in front of Youtube.

And if you are starting a business, you also have to think of its true core benefit – the one that should generate income for the company.

As a consequence of the ‘rapid DIY-learning’, we unfortunately see that many end up with a rather clumsy solution, where it is plain to see that the result is something made by a person with only the most basic knowledge. And it’s not just us in the industry that are able to see when a website is made by an amateur – so can the customers. Because it screams lack of professionalism, if a website has blurred images, is slow to load, uses 5 different fonts, or is not mobile-friendly.

As a result, those who visit the website will not be converted into customers. Instead, they move on to another website that conveys professionalism and credibility.

5 tips for a good landing page

  • Make your message visual

  • Make sure your website loads quickly

  • Colors are good, but too many different colors make it messy

  • Check that the site adapts to tablets and mobile phones

  • Use Call-to-Action Buttons to get the customer to respond

Clumsy DIY-Website?

At this point, many people realize they need professional help to create the ‘face that you show the world’, which a website is often described as.

And what a shame it is that they didn’t save the many wasted hours and lost customers – and instead had a nice website made from the start.

But it is hard to afford to pay a large amount for a web solution when you are still in the start-up phase and there are many other expenses that must also be taken into account.

What is the Alternative?

To make it easy and cheap to get started with a professional solution, we have made a subscription solution at TOGI data, where we provide setup, design, maintenance as well as web hosting.

And in addition, it’s cheap to get started.

You pay a low monthly fee, and the subscription doesn’t start, until the page is ready. And even better – there is no startup fee.

You can customize your solution in different ways, for example:

  • Setup and design

  • Mobile friendly design

  • Maintenance and updates

  • Support in using the site

  • Hosting with daily backup and hacker insurance

  • Integration with Mailchimp etc.

From EUR 53,- each month

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  • Setup and design of the shop

  • Mobile friendly design

  • Maintenance and updates

  • Hosting with daily backup and hacker insurance

  • Integration with your payment solution

From EUR 93,- each  month

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