SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate offers you many advantages: Your site will be favoured by Google’s search engines, your customers will feel more secure, and all personal information for the site will be encrypted.

Therefore we recommend all our customers to use an SSL certificate.

What is SSL?

Have you noticed that some websites begin with ‘https’ instead of just ‘http’? And that there is a green lock in the browser’s address line?  This shows that the website in question has an SSL certificate and that all information coming to and from this site is protected by an encryption.

If you fill out a contact form on a website or make a purchase on a webshop, you send your personal information – and even your credit card information – to this site. Without an SSL certificate this information will be sent unencrypted and is thus in danger of being picked up by hackers. On the other hand, if there is an SSL certificate on the site, this information will be sent encrypted and hackers cannot steel the information.

The benefits of SSL

As mentioned above, the benefits of encrypting the information being sent to and from your site are many.

Furthermore, as SSL becomes more and more widespread and the users get to know” the green lock”, they will feel more secure when they can see that they are purchasing on a secured site.

A third benefit – which is of great importance – is that now Google favours websites with an SSL-certificate in the organic search. This means that your site – all things being equal – will be shown above other websites that do not have a security certificate. This is a major factor to include when working with search engine optimizing on your website.

We offer SSL

At TOGI Data we of course offer to set up SSL certificate to our customers who are hosted with us.

Read more about hosting and price of SSL here.