Do You, Unknowingly, Hand Out Invites to Hackers?

You just got a brand-new website, and everything is just great.

Everything is just perfect.

Or is it?

We’ll get back to the hackers later.

The digital world moves quickly. New techniques come flying in from the right, and old ones exit on the left, faster than a teenager replaces dates.

The security of the system you got yesterday may already be as full of holes as a Swiss cheese.

“Too old, you say? But it was just last year, I had my website made!”

Yes, unfortunately, so much happens in the world of technology in short periods of time. And because of that, updates are the most important thing in regard to your website.

See below how we can make life difficult for hackers.

The hackers are fast – very fast – and we, the professionals, do our best to keep up and stay ahead.

But, but, but … it really does require that your pages are updated at least once a month.

Angry customers, lost revenue …

The consequences are numerous if you do not keep both your system and your plugins, etc. updated.

We Will Help You

For us at TOGI Data, the hackers are also a nuisance, but we do our best to make life a little harder for them.

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Extra Gift

Then you will also have an extra gift for yourself.

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

New Facebook Algorithm Startles Businesses

Is Facebook your favorite – or maybe only – marketing channel? Then you should probably prepare yourself to pull a new marketing plan out your sleeve …

Facebook has announced that they are changing the algorithm.

What this means, we’ll get back to.

Facebook as It Once Was

Starting already in the coming months, Facebook is going to change the algorithm on the social platform.

The new initiative will affect companies and media, making it harder to reach users through advertisements and news.

Have you been a Facebook user, since the beginning, where the social media invaded the world? Then you probably remember that there were fewer advertisements and news then, compared to today.

A Good Platform for Businesses and Media

“So, what’s the new initiative all about?”

In the near future, messages from family and friends will be prioritized – and public content with advertisements and news from companies and media will be decreased.

“Now, why would they do that?”

Facebook wants to go back to being the social platform it once was, so posts from friends and family will be highlighted more than advertisements and news.

This means that advertisements and news will not be seen by as many customers in the future as today – even though Facebook has been a good marketing platform for companies and media for many years in the past.

Is Facebook a Part of Your Favorite Marketing Plan?

And would you like to get advice on other ways to market your business?

Then we at TOGI Data are always ready with good advice.

For more details on the new initiative from Facebook, you can see the post from Mark Zuckerberg here.