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No, a Child Theme in WordPress is NOT Always Necessary

There is a lot of misconception when it comes to WordPress themes. People often tend to advice others to make a so-called 'child theme', when you change the theme settings. But this is not necessary, and what I often see is that it leads to a lot of confusion among new users of WordPress. Let me start of by explaining how a theme works: Perhaps you purchase a theme via www.themeforest.net, or you choose one of the free themes you can get directly from their site. These themes have some settings for logo, colors, page construction, etc., which you of course customize, until you are satisfied with the result. Because that's what a theme does – it's a design that gives you some customization options. And now we’re getting to the real question: When you update your theme to a newer version, will these settings be deleted? The short answer is no – they won’t. If you upload a new version of your theme or simply click the 'Update' button, some new files will be loaded, along with the updated version, to your site. However, the settings you have chosen will remain the same. As this is the case for the vast majority of WordPress users, there is no reason why they should bother reading about – let alone creating – a child theme. That being said, there are some cases where one will need to have a child theme. This is for instance the case, should you wish to change the code in the theme files – say you need to make a custom theme design. If you change these files, the changes will be lost at the moment an update adds new theme files and thereby overwrites the old ones. In that case, it's important to make a

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It is Illegal to Invite People to Like Your Facebook Page

If you invite people to like your company's Facebook page via the "Invite to Page" button, you actually violate the Marketing Act. The Consumer Ombudsman has stated that these types of invitations are subject to the Marketing Authorization Act's spam ban. Do you send out spam? An invitation via Facebook is equivalent to sending an unsolicited email – and both are considered to be spam! A person must actually consent to your marketing, before you invite him/her to like your page. Among other things, the Consumer Ombudsman states that: "A company is only allowed to invite you to like its page or in other ways contact you via your Facebook profile, if you have authorized the company to do so. The same rules apply as with the traditional e-mails. In the eyes of the Marketing Act, both forms of communication are considered to be e-mails." "The social media has given businesses new opportunities to contact consumers directly. But though it may be easy to contact consumers, it's not always legal. The consumer must in advance have given clear consent, before companies are allowed to establish contact. However, the development of social media necessitates that we constantly review our interpretation of the legislation." Read more about the Consumer Ombudsman's decision here.

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What does a DIY-website cost?

We often talk to start-ups who are trying to decide whether to pay for having a professional website made or whether to start building it themselves. Many entrepreneurs run on a tight budget, and they think that if they can make their own website, it's an obvious place to save money. And it is a good thought, but there are just a few things to consider. Get 5 tips for a good landing page further down. From dentist to web designer in one night? First of all, you need to consider whether you have the time, and the skill, to learn all you need to know to get a professional result. A design must be set up, yes. And the design must be structured in a way that it converts visitors to customers. That's the entire point of the website, right? So, this must be taken into account, when building the design. And in addition, there are also a number of technical stuff one needs to understand. Nowadays you can learn a lot from reading on the internet, but it takes many years to learn the skills that the different profiles of a web agency have. It's not something we can learn after only a couple of hours of research online. But then again, you wouldn’t be able to become a dentist by spending an evening in front of Youtube. And if you are starting a business, you also have to think of its true core benefit – the one that should generate income for the company. As a consequence of the ‘rapid DIY-learning’, we unfortunately see that many end up with a rather clumsy solution, where it is plain to see that the result is something made by a person with only the most basic knowledge. And it's

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Good Tips for Choosing a WordPress Theme

I am often asked for advice on choosing theme for WordPress. The typical questions are: - What do I need a theme for? - Can I settle for a free theme, or should I spend money on a paid theme? - What should I be aware of, when choosing a theme? - How many sites am I allowed to use a purchased theme on? - What type of support is included, and what type of questions can I except the support teams to answer? - What happens if I change the theme? In this article, I've collected the answers to the above questions to make it easier for you to choose the right theme and get started on your site. What is a theme? A WordPress theme is the design of your website. The theme determines how your website looks, what colors are on the site, how the header and footer look, and how the entire structure is. You can compare the theme to a layer of makeup. Everything underneath is the same (text and images), but how it appears on the site depends on your theme. When you install WordPress, a default theme is automatically enabled. With this theme, you can start posting content and creating pages. However, you will quickly discover that you have very few customization options regarding design in a default theme. And this is where theme considerations start. Free Theme or Paid Theme? Looking at the catalog of free themes, which can be downloaded via your control panel in WordPress, will show that there actually is a large selection of free themes. And if you're lucky, you'll find a design you like among the free themes. But it's my experience that if you use a free theme, it won’t be long before you get

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Do You, Unknowingly, Hand Out Invites to Hackers?

Do You, Unknowingly, Hand Out Invites to Hackers? You just got a brand-new website, and everything is just great. Everything is just perfect. Or is it? We'll get back to the hackers later. The digital world moves quickly. New techniques come flying in from the right, and old ones exit on the left, faster than a teenager replaces dates. The security of the system you got yesterday may already be as full of holes as a Swiss cheese. "Too old, you say? But it was just last year, I had my website made!" Yes, unfortunately, so much happens in the world of technology in short periods of time. And because of that, updates are the most important thing in regard to your website. See below how we can make life difficult for hackers. The hackers are fast – very fast – and we, the professionals, do our best to keep up and stay ahead. But, but, but … it really does require that your pages are updated at least once a month. Angry customers, lost revenue ... The consequences are numerous if you do not keep both your system and your plugins, etc. updated. We Will Help You For us at TOGI Data, the hackers are also a nuisance, but we do our best to make life a little harder for them. Get your Christmas Discount Now With a ‘Maintenance Subscription’ we keep an eye on your website / webshop for you. Buy it now to get the Christmas discount as well as peace of mind. Throughout December we will give a 50% discount on the first 3 months. Regular price starts at € 39. Extra Gift Then you will also have an extra gift for yourself. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. New Facebook Algorithm Startles

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Avoid Warning Displays on Google – Switch to https Now

If you do not want a warning on your site link, when the site is found using Google, be sure to get an SSL certificate on your site NOW. Postponing it may have consequences. Google has reported that in the next update of Chrome, a warning will be displayed for sites without SSL certificates. Most Internet browsing is done via the Chrome browser, about 40%, so this is a very significant announcement. Therefore, we recommend you get an SSL certificate on your site as soon as possible, so you do not scare away your customers with this warning. The new version of Chrome is expected to launch in October 2017. What is SSL? Have you noticed that some websites start with 'https' instead of just 'http'? And that there is a green padlock in the browser's address bar? This indicates that the website in question has an SSL certificate, meaning that all information sent to and from the site is protected by encryption. Read more about SSL Certificates here. The benefits of SSL Previously, the biggest advantage has been that Google has favored websites with an SSL certificate in the organic search. But now they have taken it a step further by directly punishing unsafe pages with a warning in the address bar. Google states that the warning will appear on all insecure pages, where you can enter text, such as in a contact form – and since most sites have a contact form, we expect to see a large number of warning alerts from October and onwards. Get an SSL Certificate on Your Site Now At TOGI Data, we are ready to assist you in setting up an SSL certificate on your site. Contact us to hear more. Contact us

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