Advertising at the perfect timing

The biggest advantage about using Adwords in your online marketing is the perfect timing. Your advertisement
will be displayed at the top of Google at the right time, exactly when a potential customer hits one of your keywords..
At the given time the customer will be looking for your exact service, and the ideal time to gain the lead.

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Get started at a low price

With our Adwords package for small businesses we will get you started with up to 10 keywords. It is the perfect chance to see how effective your campaign will be, and we will optimize it as we move on to make sure that there will be most possible traffic going to your website.

Our package is made specially for entrepreneurs and small businesses, as the payment happens with a low price every month and without starting fees. It is therefore very affordable to get started, and you will quickly see the effect of your campaign as your sale increases.

Do you wish to expand your campaign from here, we are always ready to have a talk about your further possibilities.

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A / B Split platform

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Call Tracking

Ongoing optimization of negative keywords

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Setting up conversion goals

Customer flow setup

Remarketing / Retargeting

Google Shopping

Display ads

Recommended budget for Google

€ 99 /monthly
+ one time fee 200 €





67 - 135 

199 /monthly
+ one time fee 130 €





140 - 400

€ 399 /monthly






  • More traffic to your website

  • Hit your specific target group

  • Gain results even faster

How it works

Should we look at your website?

Do you want a noncomitted talk about your options for a effective Adwordscampaign, call us at +34 951 962 641 or contact us via our form here.

Then we’ll look through your website, and call you with our opinion about, if Adwords is the right choice for you.