If you do not want a warning on your site link, when the site is found using Google, be sure to get an SSL certificate on your site NOW. Postponing it may have consequences.

Google has reported that in the next update of Chrome, a warning will be displayed for sites without SSL certificates.

Most Internet browsing is done via the Chrome browser, about 40%, so this is a very significant announcement. Therefore, we recommend you get an SSL certificate on your site as soon as possible, so you do not scare away your customers with this warning.

The new version of Chrome is expected to launch in October 2017.

What is SSL?

Have you noticed that some websites start with ‘https’ instead of just ‘http’? And that there is a green padlock in the browser’s address bar? This indicates that the website in question has an SSL certificate, meaning that all information sent to and from the site is protected by encryption.

Read more about SSL Certificates here.

The benefits of SSL

Previously, the biggest advantage has been that Google has favored websites with an SSL certificate in the organic search. But now they have taken it a step further by directly punishing unsafe pages with a warning in the address bar.

Google states that the warning will appear on all insecure pages, where you can enter text, such as in a contact form – and since most sites have a contact form, we expect to see a large number of warning alerts from October and onwards.

Get an SSL Certificate on Your Site Now

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